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The New ‘Venom 2’ movie Coming Out On 15 October

The New 'Venom 2' movie Coming Out On 15 October

In the new “Venom” movie, a lot of delays due to covered-19. And now finally the sources tell that the new Marvel and Sony movie ‘Venom part 2’ will be in the theater on October 15 only this year. And the filmmaker hopes that It will be the biggest movie of 2021.

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Vemon 2 trailer

Venom 2 movie first trailer looks very marvelous and a number of scenes have been superbly shot. in the trailer, Venom 2 Tom Hardy was wearing a simple house suit and doing his home chore. And a very weird thing appears on his back that also works like cooking, making juice. But the thing creat a lot of mess in the home.

Then he goes to the market the salesgirl said good evening ‘venom’. And the thing that is to appear in his body also speaks and answered her greeting words. Then another scene of the Venom movie 2 a man is in the room and a lot of words and things written on the walls. He also looks so aggressive and he hit the wall again and again.

And in the trailer, the horror thing catches a person his teeth, hand, especially tongue very dirty. The body look very weird and it killed the humans. And the scientists put the poison in the human body and this poisoning affects his body then it looks a very weird thing. And most people fear this thing.

Venom 2 let there be carnage Tom Hardy turns back to the big screen as the deadly protector Venom. One of MARVEL’s biggest and most complicated characters. New venom movie Directed by Andy Serkis, he is so excited to make this type of film. He worked so hard to make it and also expect that this movie is the biggest movie of the year. Carnage Venom movie also stars Woody Harrelson, in the role of the negative character.

Carnage the movie:

At that moment the question is raised: will venom2 have spiderman? the possible answer is: Venom 2 means the total eradication of Spider-Man 3. And the strong back of Maguire’s Peter Parker. The Daily Bugle tells it all: the Venom films and the Raimi movies live in the same world. When we talk about the body structure of weird things. His arms and legs have the priority as his other appendages. He’s like the Vitruvian Man. Eventually, it’s like attacking a person who is created of sharp wire and as a thorn bush – he’s so bad and weaponized and strong and terrible.

Yet if he only swipes you with a leg. He is all wrapped in blades and points, you’re only going to hold to him and be ripped to pieces.” so in that moment question is rase who can beat the carnage? the one the only person who beat them who has a lot of power.

Venom 2 coming out for few weeks late it will be released to us on 15 October 2021 It is the first time happen that the carnage movie was first delayed to June 2021 and then the second delay is to September 2021. Then finally reported that the venom 2 movie was released on October 15, 2021.

Question about the new Venom:

There are so many questions raised: when we see the trailer will venom have spiderman? We can answer a question in every possible way that the reader is satisfied with. Venom 2 2021 indicates the total cancellation of Spider-Man 3 and the strong return of Maguire’s Peter Parker. The Daily Bugle tells it all: the Venom movies and the Raimi movies stay in the same world. So question raises what is Venom2 about? after seeing a host body in investigative reporter Eddie Brock, the different symbiotes need to face a new villain, Carnage, the alter ego of following criminal Cletus Kasady.

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